We work with a large number of software application providers. And our experience scales from very broad applications like Office 365 or One Drive, to a more specialist solutions like CRM (Syrinx) or very niche operational software AutoCad or Schick. Whatever your need and preference, we are there to ensure success and support.

We are more than happy to offer a scalable service: from consulting and outsourcing, to implementation and support.

We are here to help you to make the most out of the application and maximise its benefits for your business.


One of the biggest business trends we are overseeing at the moment is a business and data infrastructure migration into Office 365 and Cloud. We had a number of clients migrated to Office 365 and using hybrid network solutions. We have a great level of experience to help you equip your business with the right tools.

Some of the tasks that are associated with the applications:

We can also manage your relationship with vendors and consultants.

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